Mechanical treatment

At ACS Recycling we have state-of-the-art machinery for the separation and segregation of WEEE. Starting with the crushing of the printed circuits or PCBs, our mechanism allows to separate and recover copper as well as other metals from the fiberglass, the main residue generated from the process.

Waste that is not manually disassembled, passes through a machine which is responsible, through a process of hammers, sliding belts, magnets and manual segregation, separate the different raw materials that make up the waste; plastics, ferrous, non-ferrous, as well as the printed circuits that make up WEEE/SHA (small household appliances). This machinery allows us to treat, correctly, large volumes of WEEE.

On the other hand, all the cable that we have obtained from our classification process, is treated by a machine that crushes and separates the raw materials that make up a cable.