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WEEE pickup

Complete the form to request the collection of your electrical and electronic waste.

Benefits of completing the WEEE collection form

When you request online pickup you have:

  • A faster response from our team
  • Fewer intermediaries in management
  • Faster service activation

When filling out the form

When you fill out the WEEE collection form we ask you to:

  • Complete in maximum detail
  • Include in comments whether the material to be collected is “in bulk” or in containers
  • Put the exact address for collecting the waste

Legal regulations on the management and treatment of WEEE

All entities generate waste during the execution of their activity being, many of them, unaware of their obligations as waste producers. These obligations are mainly contained in the sectoral implementing regulations: Law 22/2011, on contaminated waste and soils and Royal Decree 553/2020, on the transfer of waste within the territory of the State, without prejudice to the provisions of the regulations governing each waste stream.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact our team at 931 198 062. You can send us an email
The average pick-up time from the application is 5 days.

Business-only service

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