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Electrical and Electronic Waste (WEEE)

Sustainable management of electrical and electronic waste

At ACS Recycling we have the corresponding certifications that allow us to manage and treat the following types of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE).

recycling devices temperature exchange
FR1 – Temperature exchange devices

air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, vending machines, oil radiators, dehumidifiers, etc.

FR2 – Monitors and screens

TVs, computer monitors, multi-screens, tablets, etc.

recycling lamps
FR3 – Lamps

LED lamps, fluorescents, high intensity discharge lamps, etc.

reciclaje de aparatos grandes eléctricos y electrónicos
FR4 – Large appliances (>50cm)

photocopiers, medical devices, recreational machines, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, large appliances, music equipment, ATM’s, etc.

reciclaje de electrodomésticos
FR5 – Small appliances (<50cm)

consoles, toys, irons, vacuum cleaners, toasters, scales, razors, microwaves, etc.

recycling monitors and display
FR6 – Computer and telecommunications devices with hazardous components

laptops, mobile phones and the like, etc.

reciclaje de placas fotovoltaicas
FR7 – Photovoltaic panels


You can request the collection of your electrical and electronic waste directly on-line.


Value your electrical and electronic waste and join sustainable businesses.