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Who we are

We are a company dedicated to environmental services specialized in the management and recycling of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE). We help companies meet their environmental obligations by promoting sustainability and the circular economy.

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What waste we manage

At ACS Recycling we have all the corresponding certifications that allow us to manage and treat the following groups of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE).

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Spanish WEEE management with pick-up service

How we do it

Reducation. Reuse. RClarify. Recuperar

At ACS Recycling, we offer a specialized quality service for each of our customers. In this way, we help them to contribute optimally to the environment by allowing them to reduce costs and obtain a maximum assessment of their waste

Líderes en la gestión de RAEE y reciclaje de material informático

Properly recycle your e-waste

We provide solutions so that companies can adapt to the continuous changes in environmental regulations. We provide environmental care and advice to help companies comply with legality.

We help companies to continue their business and we take care of the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment and equipment. We manage waste in a sustainable way and taking care of the environment, betting on the future and the circular economy.

They trust us

At ACS RECYCLING we work with small, medium and large companies, constitutional public entities and hospitals, as well as with the main Collective Systems of Extended Producer Responsibility (SCRAP), in order to help our clients strictly comply with the legal obligations dictated by Royal Decree 110/2015.


You can request the collection of your electrical and electronic waste directly on-line.


Value your electrical and electronic waste and join sustainable businesses.